How We Work

We come along side you to streamline “how” work moves through your organization automating steps for efficiency and decision making transparency.  

You’ll experience recovering time that translate into improved profits. Through process automation time savings create money. 

Practical Hands On Experience

20+ years of experience designing and driving hands on development of integrated solutions aligned to industry best practices. We’ve hands on experience simplifying the best of Six Sigma, SIPOC’s, Project Management Institute, Agile / eXtreme Programming methods and Business Operations processes.

Scaled That Grows With You

Our hands-on experience ranges from start-ups to two thousand software engineers across twenty organizational teams. 

Illuminate Pro has the experience to designed processes and select that are elegantly simple while preparing for the future.

Average: 25% Efficiency Gain

My average client reclaims 25% efficiencies of time or costs.
I learn your existing business operations and find ways to help your team work more efficiently. 

Why do this? It creates space for you to grow your business. It’s more time to do what only you can do and what really matters.