Website Features

 Subscriptions!  Offer access to your services for a monthly fee. 

Real Estate with MLS property search plus featured properties highlighting specific properties.  

Blog integrated with automatic email alerts to clients. Social and newsletter services & no scrolling. 

Social automation so that what you put on social flows to your site or visa versa! 

Easy to understand analytics about site visits help you manage communication and marketing. Insights by device type (mobile, desktop), where the visitor came from (search, direct, referral) and other key info help you communicate effectively. 

Booking & Calendar Automation

Personalized video of services you provide. Access to online booking, refills and an educational (and fun!)

Maintains a single calendar accessible on you PC or mobile device.  Book a personal appointment during business hours, it automatically removes that time from booking availability. Bookings are color coded on the calendar. You’ll knows at a glance what type of appointments are scheduled. 

When your clients schedule via the site for a one time or reoccurring visit, they receive email reminders and one button click to place the appointment on their personal calendar (google or outlook). Nice ehh!  

Inventory Mgmt & Online Orders

eGift Certificates enable friends and family to to buy, give or donate. 

Create automated Product Refills your clients can self manage.  

 The site provides password protected one-time or time based shipment of refills for existing clients.

Product inventory management and online payments are fully integrated making management, ordering, automatic re-orders and payments directly to you.