Free 30 minute consultation. we Talk in business terms. 


You receive a bid for services with a detailed plan of action. 


We sign an agreement & Set a start date to get working.


You receive regular updates to review as work is completed.


Training and support period for your team. 

The consultation and bid is free.

My passion is partnering with business owners who don’t have an “IT Shop” and creating business processes and technical systems that lighten your load and support your goals. 

Frequently asked questions

What is your pricing?

Each clients bid is unique. Often I provide tiers of options so that you can easily “get started” and then opt for additional features or functionality later. Technologies contained in bids are listed “at cost”. I do not add mark-ups on software solutions. Fees are provided for my professional expertise, technical build time, training for you and your staff and a support period. 

Ball park figures: small to medium business websites run $1200-$2300. Large or highly complex business websites start at $15,000. Social Media Projects can be costed for a one time social blitz approximately $500. Month-to-month social management for one website and 3 social channels including custom created post articles and social content at approximately $1000.  

Cost/Benefit Analysis of solutions you’re considering are estimated at an hourly rate for research and to author a written findings.  

Portfolio Management design and automation is a fixed bid contract. Project Management bids depend on the methodology selected in partnership with the client plus team size and team health.   

Estimates are free and price depend on the scope of work identified.  

Do you sell specific solutions?

No.  Illuminate.Pro, by design, receives no compensation by solution / software providers for the technical solutions recommended.  My focus is you and your business needs.  I often do cost/benefit analysis consulting to help non-technical clients have a unvested voice on their side.  

How does Illuminate.Pro communicate progress?

As key tasks are completed, you’ll receive an automated email notifying you of finished work against the plan created in the bid process. 

One or more review dates to “show and tell” are scheduled with you to demonstrate progress and garner feedback.  

Why choose Illuminate.Pro

Your success is my success. There are no incentives to push you towards specific solutions. I’m your advocate exclusively. 

Technical depth. I bring the talent and experience to understand artistic design and “user interfaces”, the full technology that sits behind what you see on a screen and ability to understand your business to select, install, integrate or build solutions that meet your goals.

Passion, Integrity & Creativity. I’ve retired from two large companies leaving highly successful technologies, processes and teams that have continued on. Illuminate.Pro is a boutique firm where I work with clients because I want to and believe in what your doing.  When a client is not a match, I try to direct you to options that may be a fit.

Fun. My clients usually become friends as we work together. I love to learn about your business and bring solutions using technology.  

Efficient and Fast.  As a boutique firm I’m not building business for quantity.  I focus on quality projects, quality clients and delighting them by turning around solutions often in 1/2 the standard industry time.